Getting Started

Getting started is easy!

Just contact us to come by and try a class. We offer CrossFit, BodyFit, and Yoga classes and have classes throughout the day listed on our schedule.

We have 3-day and unlimited plans, as well as the exciting new options below:

A 90 day fitness plan for new members that includes unlimited CrossFit, BodyFit, and Yoga for $299. You can work out 7 days a week for 90 days!

A 10 Class Pass that can be used for BodyFit and Yoga classes for only $135!

Newcomers should plan on making a minimum 3 month commitment and sticking with it. Although beginners start feeling changes immediately, this is a logical time period to establish some proficiency and realize how much potential you have.

We have technique classes for people without power and Olympic lifting experience to attend while coming to regular class.

Refund/Return Policy:
In case of a problem with over charge or any other charges not authorized by you we will credit the payment back immediately.

Privacy Policy:
We do not share your private information with anyone, ever.

Your coaches have extensive fitness backgrounds with multiple fitness certifications. We care about our members and their success.

Get Some!!!