KidFit is our amazing program for kids that makes them stronger, faster, and better than most people at most things.

Your child will be immersed in a caring community that hones life skills and improves self-perception. KidFit focuses on core to extremity power and proper movement patterns that are applicable to all sport. The Body Balance portion of our program keeps kids mobile and structurally aligned, and teaches them appropriate recovery techniques to both prevent injury and improve performance. KidFit will benefit a child in any sport now and in the future, and we have FUN!

Our Monday classes concentrate on movement technique and have more focused recovery rolling. Those classes are separated by age to facilitate coaching techniques. The 7-10 year old class is 3-4 pm and the 11-14 year old class is 4-5 pm.

Our Friday night lights classes include all age groups as we focus on teamwork and endurance and get deeper into recovery rolling. Friday classes are 5:30-7 pm.

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KidFit classes are scaled and do not require On Ramp training. Exercises are performed both unweighted and weighted with safety. Just schedule your first class and come join the fun!