Brooke - From New Athlete to Amazing Athlete

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Brooke is the best example of what CrossFit and being part of a box and community can do for you. She gets every single aspect- how to learn, how to progress and reach goals, how to push herself and others, how to be encourage, how to understand other athletes and be a friend, and how to help forge community.

She didn't exactly look like a fish out of water when she picked up a barbell...ok she kinda did, but not more than most people. She was incredibly speedy, however her speed was misdirected. She took all her coaching to heart and slowed down and became a purposeful mover. Her movement today is so much different. I tell her that she looks like a real weightlifter now. And the same goes for gymnastics. New athletes who start are often intimidated by how well she does at everything, and then they quickly learn what a kind and helpful person she is. She brings an amazing amount of energy, fun, and good spirit to the box.

Brooke inspires me. The sky is the limit for this woman. I will enjoy watching the path she continues to take. You are such an integral part of our gym. Thank you for being part of the BeachFit family.

Josh - Speed Gets Power

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Josh came into our gym pretty young and active, but he has literally grown a lot since he started here. Always a fast athlete, Josh has just gotten faster, and a lot stronger too. He has gone from not being able to do any pull ups to doing 5 sets of 20 unbroken and making them look easy. He does muscle ups, never ending push ups and has great Olympic lifting movement. He is almost impossible to catch in any workout requiring speed or endurance and he just keeps getting better.

Always a positive presence at the gym, Josh is the epitome of the CrossFit community. He understands friendly support and is always ready to help anyone in the gym, whether it's a new person who walks in the door or painting the walls when we moved gym locations.

On top of that Josh is funny. And as an accomplished drummer, his coach can always rely on him to plug in some good music!

Thanks for being a part of our gym family from the start Josh! It would not be the same without you!

Bill - From a Person With Back Pain to a Proficient Masters Athlete!

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When Bill came in at the age of 53, he had back pain along with other problems. He almost hobbled into the gym. Bill had thought about CrossFit for 6 months before he finally got himself to start. What happened was amazing. He lost well over 50 lbs while gaining muscle! He increased his strength tremendously and learned many new skills.

His coach queried him about his work habits due to the fact that his form and strength were improving but his back pain was not. After being chastised for sitting on a couch at work, he transformed his office, including throwing out the candy bowl. An accomplished cook, he took nutrition to heart along with exercise. He has kept a dedicated workout schedule since the beginning and is always a welcoming presence in the gym.

Bill has competed in the CrossFit Games Open as a Masters athlete several times. He feels great and his doctor is also thrilled with his health. He continues to improve and is a winner at fitness and life! Thanks for being a part of the BeachFit family Bill!

Join us at BeachFit and get your agility back!

My name is Irma and I am a retired police sergeant. When I started working out with Kim Sherwood I could not bend my knee or squat down due to a torn meniscus. Kim rehabbed my knee and now I can squat, lunge, jump, and run pain free! Kim is highly credentialed and very knowledgable in every aspect of fitness. She makes working out personally rewarding and fun. Let Kim make a positive change in your life through fitness and nutrition. Come join us at BeachFit and get your agility back!

"Needed a little kick-start"

I Have been working out with Heather for about 1-1/2 years now and I feel more fit than I've felt in a long time. After I had my second child, I decided that I needed a little kick-start to get back into shape, so I decided to use a personal trainer. In addition to being a mom of two children, I also work full-time and have a job with a fairly demanding schedule. Therefore, it was difficult for me to find the time to get to the gym on a regular basis, and I really felt the need to schedule my workouts in order to make sure they happened. Heather developed a workout that fit my needs - both from a physical standpoint, as well as from a scheduling standpoint. She brings variety in activities, given that she has earned various certifications, which makes it fun. The workout facility is in a convenient location and is absolutely beautiful, with an area that allows for training outside as well. I have recommended BeachFit to all my friends, and I know that Heather and Kim will do a great job for them.

I Love It!

Since I started training with Kim I feel healthy and fresh!
My posture has improved and I feel stronger both mentally and physically.
I love it!

Thanks Kim and BEACHFIT!

Kim is an excellent personal trainer. I am a senior woman with a significant amount of arthritis. I have truly benefited from her kindly and patiently working with me. she is quick to give encouragement and positive reinforcement. She is quite a motivator! She is an expert in custom designing a program just for me. I am much stronger than I was prior to working with Kim. She is also an expert with nutritional issues.

Kim has worked hard on basic issues with me and has customized a workout program just for me. Applying her overall program has strengthened my body. with her help I have improved my walking, stair climbing, and overall posture. My strength has really improved by following her recommendations.

I highly recommend Kim. I am pleased that she has helped me significantly with my overall physical condition. The Training Camp fitness center is a beautiful facility and is very user friendly.

Thanks Kim and BEACHFIT!