About Us

BeachFit Strength and Conditioning is headed up by Kim Sherwood. You can learn all about the other coaches and me on our Bio pages.

We are CrossFit certified and an official CrossFit affiliate. CrossFit classes include power and olympic lifting, bodyweight exercises, and cardio conditioning.

Our classes also include BodyFit, a high intensity interval training program that quickly sculpts your body.

Yoga is a class that focuses on recovery for athletes, to break down scar tissue built up during workouts and restore mobility.

Concerned with all components of fitness for our clients, we go beyond that the norm and offer tools that will help you reach your goals when you are not with us. Let's face it, to get it done, sometimes we just need a little more guidance (or a lot). Fitness may require attention to your entire lifestyle. Explore our website, come see us, and get BeachFit!